“American Pop Art: Icons” by Photographer Roberto Srelz

Steve Kaufman (1960-2010) often made art of art. Inspired by the late Steve Kaufman, talented photographer Roberto Srelz introduces his modern interpretation of “American Pop Art: Icons” with a series of photographic and graphic art composites using Steve Kaufman art as a backdrop.

The exhibition was held October 2 through November 1, 2014 at Caffè Tergesteo in Trieste, at the site of the historical Galleria Tergesteo. It was all part of the third annual “Le vie delle Foto” (www.leviedellefoto.it), a photography festival involving the entire city of Trieste with more than 50 photographers’ works on exhibit in elegant cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

The pop art themed composites show Steve Kaufman art (courtesy and copyright American Pop Art, Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing, LLC) and model Maria Musil of Trieste. The pictures were selected from a 2014 studio shoot, then “hand embellished” in homage to the late Steve Kaufman who introduced this original art technique. Through computer graphics and digital technology, Roberto Srelz’s embellishment adds to the image, but does not alter the essence of the model or the Kaufman painting as the foundation behind all, which is shown in detail.

Photographer: Roberto Srelz
Model: Maria Musil
Graphics: Chiara Scrigner
Paintings: Steve Kaufman (c) and courtesy American Pop Art Inc. / Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC

robertoSrelz_popArt_8269_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_8247_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_8228_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_8207_70x100_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_8156_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_8118_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_9054_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_9033_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_9012_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_9005_50x50_rd robertoSrelz_popArt_8981_70x100_rd

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