Steve Kaufman’s Homage to Van Gogh Featured by TQ Arts

Steve Kaufman - Vincent van Gogh Montage on Canvas

We noticed Steve Kaufman’s homage to Van Gogh, “Vincent Van Gogh Montage on Canvas” was featured in a recent blog post by TQ Arts titled, “Van Gogh Unusual Painting Now Authenticated at Museum de Fundatie.”

The blog post discusses the painting, “Le Blute-Fin Mill,” which was recently authenticated as a work of Vincent Van Gogh. The artwork went on display 35 years after an art collector bought it in Paris.  That collector was convinced that the painting was a work of Dutch master Van Gogh, but was never able to prove it.

Louis van Tilborgh, curator of research at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, said “Le Blute-Fin Mill” was done in 1886, and though its large human figures are unusual for a Van Gogh landscape, the painting has his typically bright colors.  An image of the painting may be seen below. Image credit: AP/Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle.

Le Blute-Fin Mill - AP:Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle

The TQ blog post about the Van Gogh work was based on an initial article by  The full TQ Arts blog may be accessed here:


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