Another Look at Art and Money

Steve Kaufman Dollar Sign 20×20 15 of 50 GKAB

In response to the recent article “Art Values or Money Values?” by Donald Kuspit, we feel that art is still the best investment to make.  Stocks and bonds are always fluctuating.  The economy is currently unstable, yet art has never fluctuated and has only gone up in value.  Kuspit’s article may be referenced here: .  What are your thoughts on this issue?  We welcome your feedback.

One Response to “Another Look at Art and Money”
  1. dianavachier says:

    The value of art always goes up. It’s a good steady rise in value. Stocks, bonds, gold, silver etc.. always fluctuate and I for one lost half my life savings in my stock market retirement fund in 2007.
    I bought a Beryl Cook painting in 1987 for $600.00. It is a limited edition print. In 2012 this piece is being sold for $5,500.00! Her prices steadily were going up but when she died in 2010 they soared. Not even real estate is a good investment anymore. Art is the way to go. Who would think that an Andy Warhol painting would be selling for $100 million. His Elvis titled Eight Elvises (1963) sold for 100 million and his Turquoise Marilyn (1964) – sold for $80 million.
    I find that many people that buy Steve Kaufman’s art who was the former assistant of Andy Warhol, are buying his art for investments. Of course there are many that buy just for the love of his art but I’m seeing a trend now of more and more people buying as investments for their children and grandchildren.
    But whether it’s for investment or for pleasure, art is food for our souls.

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