Remembering Artist LeRoy Neiman

Steve Kaufman
with LeRoy Neiman

Today we mourn the loss of artist LeRoy Neiman, best known for his colorful, energetic images of the Olympics and other sporting events, but also known for painting animals, locations, lifestyle images, and people.  We cannot help but note Neiman’s commonalities with Steve Kaufman.  A boxing enthusiast, LeRoy Neiman chronicled Muhammad Ali and Sylvester Stallone.  Neiman even played a cameo role in the Rocky movies.  LeRoy Neiman also traveled with and painted Frank Sinatra, and cavorted with Salvador DalÍ, Andy Warhol, and Hugh Hefner.  Neiman became Playboy’s principle artist contributor.  Both Steve Kaufman and LeRoy Neiman painted notable people including Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln.  Both artists lived bold, bright lives, and knew each other.  Neiman’s spirit will be missed as we begin the 2012 Olympic games.

A mural of LeRoy Neiman’s work may be viewed at

A full biography for LeRoy Neiman and a catalog of his work can be found on his official web site at 

Home page photo credit: Fred R. Conrad for the New York Times


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