Remembering Artist Thomas Kinkade

At left, "Jesus in Thorns," and at right, "Kabbalah, The Tree of Life." Both paintings by Steve Kaufman.

We are saddened by the loss of artist Thomas Kinkade, and welcome you to post your thoughts here.  The art styles of Thomas Kinkade and Steve Kaufman may have been quite different, but we can’t help but note how both talents were lost at an early age, and some of the similarities these two artists shared.  Steve Kaufman was often described as the “Prince of Pop Art,” while Thomas Kinkade was widely referred to as the “Painter of Light.”  Steve Kaufman was known for painting iconic brands and received mixed critique for doing so.  Thomas Kinkade’s artwork was criticized as “kitsch,” yet he mastered merchandising with an average of $100 million in sales annually.  Thomas Kinkade was known for his distinctively sentimental, often religiously-themed landscapes, and Steve Kaufman was also known for painting historical figures and religious scenes, as seen in the 2-piece composite above.  Both of these paintings are available for purchase at  Have you had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Kinkade or Steve Kaufman?  Please share your experience with us.


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