If you could meet any artist, living or deceased…?

Salvador Dali by Steve Kaufman

If you could meet any artist, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

4 Responses to “If you could meet any artist, living or deceased…?”
  1. tocksin says:

    So many but it would have to begin with Marcel Duchamp because he made artist of us all.

  2. dianavachier says:

    Of course my first choice would be Steve Kaufman and I was lucky in life that I knew him and worked with him. He had so much passion, excitement and love in him and it poured out in his art. He passed away much too young but I am blessed that I was in his life for the time it was.
    My 2nd choice artist I would have liked to have met was Salvador DalĂ­. His art is so unique and surrealistic that I can look at his paintings and feel like I’m in a abstract dream. I would have loved to have questioned what his thoughts were when painting and would have loved to understand how he saw the world.
    I have a long list of artists I wish I could have met including photographer Edward Weston and painters Georgia O’Keeffe, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Jackson Pollock, Rembrandt…… My list is endless. If knowing only 1 artist has enriched my life so much I can only imagine what meeting these artist would have done for me.
    Art adds so much to our lives and I am forever grateful to these great artists and future artists.

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